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82nd Airborne

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The 82nd is the story of Airborne. A tradition of individual self-reliance.

The 82nd patch dates back to World War 1. It has Infantry beginnings as do all Airborne Divisions and was called the “All-American” because the old 82nd had men from every state.  Soldiers of Liberty--they are known as paratroopers-trained to meet every situation on his own as well as part of a team.  When dropped behind enemy lines and surrounded they must fight their way out, again and again, against seemingly impossible odds.  Theirs is a dangerous existence of kill or be killed, and quite often both.

The All American Division stands as a symbol of the highest tradition of the United States Army.  In honor of this long standing tradition, Grillie is proud to offer this Made in America 82nd Patch for your vehicle. 

Airborne all the Way!    4" H X 3.23" W 

Comes complete in gift box with installation hardware kit, detailed written instructions along with link to installation video on our homepage.

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