Q.  Will Grillies go on any car or truck?

A.  Grillies are designed with a single attachment point which means that they will go on the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of cars and trucks.   There is an installation video on our homepage that illustrates this.  And each Grillie comes complete with an installation hardware kit and detailed written instructions in addition to the website video.

Q.  Will my Grillie rust or discolor?

A.   Grillies are made with a specific alloy that we chose because it will not rust or corrode.  It is also extremely hard, so not only will your Grillie stand up to sand, salt, road debris and the harsh environment of life on the road, but it will look great for years!

Q.   What is your warranty?

A.   We have a 30 day "Any Reason" return policy.  If for any reason you want to return your Grillie in the first 30 days, just let us know and we'll gladly provide you with the return information you'll need for a 100% refund.  Additionally, we will warranty your Grillie for 90 days against defects in which we'll gladly replace your Grillie ornament.

Q.   How many designs do you have?

A.   We currently have over 100 unique designs and growing.

Q.   What is the difference between your Antique Nickel and Antique Pewter Finishes?

A.   The Antique Nickel finish is shinier.  Almost like a chrome.   The Antique Pewter finish is a more subdued, greyish finish.   The shinier Antique Nickel Finish shows up great on a black grill or background, while the Antiqued Pewter finish looks great on a brighter / chrome grill or background.   It's mostly a matter of personal preference.  Both finishes really do look quite nice.

Q.   Do you make Custom Grillies?  How much do they cost?

A.   We do make Custom Grillies.  We can do everything from logos, to more 3-dimensional textured ornaments and even family crests!   Customs all differ and pricing varies depending on the specific artwork you want.   Please contact us at admin@grillie if you're interested in this option and would like to learn more.