Driving Passion, Pride and Personality

Welcome to Grillie!

Grillies are all about having a fun and distinctive way to put your passion, pride and personality up front while on the road.  No more having to share space on the back of your car with traditional bumper stickers and magnetic cut-outs.  Grillies honor the style and creativity of yesteryear’s hood ornaments but with a modern spin giving you the chance to showcase your passion and make a statement, right up front!  Personalizing your car and getting that custom look has never been so easy and so fun!

Each Grillie starts with a skilled artisan creating an original sculpture in clay.  Every ornament is a hand-poured all metal casting with an electroplated protective finish. With no two Grillies being identical, each one has its own unique character and beautiful detail. Each Grillie in your collection is “Made in the USA” to last a lifetime of cars. We encourage you to check out all of our designs. We’re sure you’ll find something that strikes your own fancy or perhaps it will become someone’s perfect gift! Thanks for taking the time to check us out. You’ll be proud to put your passion forward!

Rick Gauntlett  CEO & Founder